Listening Reveals

We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started…and know the place for the first time.

~ T.S. Eliot

Client Voices

Kim Henry

“Sandy Wright is a marvelous consultant and presenter. We have used her services several times for our conferences and workshops. She is a funny, dynamic and insightful facilitator. She leads group discussions with wit and wisdom, giving creative and useful advice on dealing with issues our organizations face today. She is quickly becoming a crowd favorite among the nonprofits with which we work.”
Kim Henry, Executive Director, Sarkeys Foundation

Ed Clifford

“In an every-changing environment, Yuuma is a prime resource to guide and manage change by stretching how we think and act.”
Ed Clifford, Former CEO, Bentonville/Bella Vista Chamber of Commerce, current CEO, Jones Trust, Springdale, AR

Tracey Redmon Lyall

“Sandy has the unique ability to facilitate diverse groups and assist them in problem-solving, developing a vision and reaching a common goal. She understands how  organizations operate and skillfully develops leadership, teamwork and commitment from others. She is an excellent trainer, teacher and visionary leader.”
Tracey Redmon Lyall, MSW, LSW, Executive Director, Domestic Violence Intervention Services, Tulsa, OK


“As a coach, Sandy creates a safe environment for people to see themselves, their team and organization more clearly. Through intentional thought, action and behavior changes, clients move to agreed-upon results. Together, client and coach build structures, accountability and support necessary to ensure desired results. She has a unique talent of weaving humor into the mix to address the vagaries of life’s challenges & adventures.”
Jo Jones, Infant Crisis Services,
Oklahoma City, OK.

Archie Schaffer

“Yuuma has a consistent track record of innovation, effective client partnering and results. I’ve watched projects unfold over the years with just enough edginess to be ahead of the pack. Sandy values curiosity, client expertise, teamwork and creating outcomes that contribute to sustainability and profitability.”
Archie Schaffer, Former Executive Vice President, Tyson Foods, Springdale, AR

Diana Hartley

“Sandy’s leadership with facilitation of the 2012 Oklahoma Institute for Nonprofit Leadership was fresh and inspiring. Participants appreciated a new format where instead of being talked at they did most of the talking and problem solving for their organization. They went home with action plans and new ways of looking at and solving old problems. Sandy’s training style is relaxed and light hearted resulting in greater learning. We look forward to bringing her back to our next Institute!”
Diana Hartley

Mary Cross

“Sandy is the trusted pro you want to have with you on tough projects, personal and leadership growth and new initiatives. She quickly grasps the essential issues and needs, and develops creative strategies to enhance success. Her strength is the ability to help you clearly articulate your objectives and provide you with the tools to achieve those objectives.”
Mary Cannon, Cannon & Associates Milwaukee, WI

Lynnette Watts

“When designing an interactive program around discussions that fostered and supported civic reflection on philanthropy and service, Sandy Wright was my first choice for the facilitator position. Sandy’s creative approach to any job is refreshing! She is certainly an experienced presenter, keeping the discussions lively and robust. Sandy has led seminars, conducted workshops, and spoken at conferences of many regional and national organizations. If it’s solid results that you are seeking, Sandy is your choice!”
Lynnette Watts, Executive Director, Women’s Foundation of Arkansas, Little Rock, AR


“Sandy’s ability to connect with staff and provoke thoughtful conversations toward solutions is outstanding. She led us through the initial phases of our planning in a way that empowered us to continue through the process confidently.”de you with the tools to achieve those objectives. Sandy encouraged our management staff to take a hard look inward in order to open communication among our staff. She helped the management team create an environment that opened lines of communication and strengthened our teamwork.”
Sarah Wacaster & Bill Faggard; Camp Aldersgate, Little Rock, AR

“Sandy is a “coaches” coach. She is masterful at helping clients create a path of possibility that inspires others and gets goals accomplished. Her ability to listen fully is profound and the pizazz and fun she infuses into her coaching and commination keeps clients coming back – again and again.”
Colleen Fitzgerald,
Former Executive Coach,
Marquette University & CEO of Coaching Creates,
Milwaukee, WI