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A tipping point is that sweet spot in between where a small change makes a big difference.

~ Barbara Fredrickson
For all the plans, strategies, choices, and decisions we make every day, it is the individual person who gives life to every step, monitors progress, shifts direction and remains accountable for outcomes.  Achieving balance between reality and creativity, innovation and re-creation, actions and results determine your success ratio.For over 35 years, Yuuma services have spanned marketing/communications, strategic planning, assessments, resource development, economic development projects, and a vast array of other client services. Today, we bring all of our experience together to focus on the bottom line for effective action: Leadership Coaching, Design Thinking/Strategic Action and Storytelling for Results.

  • What patterns do you see emerging in the way you interact, make decisions and create?
  • Are there talents you want to strengthen? Obstacles to overcome?
  • Is your team functioning well and bringing their best selves to the table?
  • What new, client-centered approaches, will propel your company or organization?
  • What do you need to be successful and experience satisfaction?
  • Do you have a clear road to Sustainability? What will it take?


There are so many things you’ve been thinking about, planning, putting on your “to do” list.
Everyday is consumed with seemingly small, but important items. There are, too often, limited resources of time and dollars to achieve all the things that will make you successful.

Let Yuuma help you develop and implement:

  • Team & Executive Coaching
  • Strategic Thinking and Planning
  • Communications Strategies
  • Creative Problem-Solving


We believe successful nonprofits need to blend solid business practices with the heart and soul of their mission orientation.

This requires a clear assessment of strengths, acceptance of the challenges both internally and in the marketplace, and an openness to use bold leadership skills to become sustainable short and long-term.

We work closely with nonprofits to facilitate, guide, create, implement, assess and celebrate. Then, we work ourselves right out of a job and leave all good things up to the expert — you.

Here’s what we offer Nonprofits:

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Donor-Centered Fundraising
  • Cause Marketing
  • Sustainable Actions Plans
  • Communications/Marketing
  • Networking/Connections & Cultivation

Learn about our Coaching Programs, Design Thinking, and Storytelling for Results.