The goal of coaching is to create a vivid and detailed image of what’s working, using positivity to inspire and energize the changes that may be need to bring out the best more often.

~ Barbara Fredrickson
The purpose of coaching is to create behavioral change. With the right coach, you can resolve the real underlying issues stopping you from achieving your professional and personal goals and optimizing your potential.

Yuuma guides you by:

  • Asking key questions to help you think through what it is you want and how you can achieve it.
  • Motivating you from thinking about your problems and opportunities to taking action
  • Creating a system of accountability that guarantees you will see results, stay motivated and focused.
  • Giving you a new way to think about limiting beliefs and negative habits
  • Providing support when you really need it
  • Celebrating your milestones and progress with you

Sandy is a “coaches” coach. She is masterful at helping clients create a path of possibility that inspires others and gets goals accomplished. Her ability to listen fully is profound and the pizazz and fun she infuses into her coaching and commination keeps clients coming back – again and again.

Colleen Fitzgerald, Former Executive Coach, Marquette University & CEO of Coaching Creates, Milwaukee, WI