Strategy in Action

When you let people participate in the process, you find that they often have ingenious ideas about what would really help them.

~ Melinda Gates

Design Thinking/Strategic Action

Business has utilized human-centered design for many years to develop innovative solutions. This process helps you understand needs in a new way, find innovative solutions to meet those needs and deliver solutions that last. It combines rigorous inquiry and creative analysis, to build programs, services and products that people want and will connect to.

At the heart of this approach, we engage individuals and crowds in a deeply meaningful and resonant conversation about the cause, service or product; 2) and gather diverse minds to conceptualize big ideas that capture emotions and create change.

Yuuma assists you to:

  • Identify participant groups
  • Design key questions
  • Organize input
  • Utilize feedback to shift, alter, and create programs, projects, products and services in a meaningful way.
  • Measure real outcomes for impact and results

In an every-changing environment, Yuuma is a prime resource to guide and manage change by stretching how we think and act.
Ed Clifford, Former CEO,
Bentonville/Bella Vista Chamber of Commerce,
Current CEO,
Jones Trust, Springdale, AR

Yuuma has a consistent track record of innovation, effective client partnering and results. I’ve watched projects unfold over the years with just enough edginess to be ahead of the pack. Sandy values curiosity, client expertise, teamwork and creating outcomes that contribute to sustainability and profitability.
Archie Schaffer, Former Executive Vice President,
Tyson Foods, Springdale, AR