Who Are The Experts?

Curious Cat

Curiosity did not kill the cat.
As a matter of fact, with a little more creative curiosity, the cat might have grabbed the cheese and had a feast. Our Big Idea Blog is designed to be a feast. Around the country, there is wisdom shared in the back rooms of a diner, under bridges, in kitchens around a meal and so many other places we can’t continue to name them. All we have to do is ask the right questions and listen.

Did you know the best ideas are very often not the ones conjured in board rooms or in round table “expert” conversations. Who are the experts to address social issues or let us know what consumers really want? The answer is quite obvious – it is the clients, the consumers, the constituents. We need to elevate our thinking by escalating our curiosity toward those who can give us insights and ideas.

Who are those “wise ones” for you, your business, your organization? Can you make a list and find new ways to ask and listen? You just might see that it does make a huge difference in your success ratio, your social quotient, your outcomes and your satisfaction. Ready to dive in?

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