Create Your Life, Work and Impact with Intention, Curiosity, Creativity and Humor

4 Steps to The Life You Long For: Weave, Connect, Balance, Leap

At the center of your being you have the answer. You know who you are and you know what you want.

Lao Tzu

We all want to be happy….

These are challenging times adding stress, anxiety, distancing and confusion. In the midst of it all, we each have the ability to be our happiest selves, explore our dreams, rearrange our goals and cope with whatever life brings us.  All good things are ready to explode into reality.  Your ability to bounce back from adversity, grab onto opportunity and pursue what makes you happy is within your reach.

What do you really want? I’m a no-nonsense coach who works with curiosity, creativity and humor to help you get where you want to go. Are YOU ready?



Strengths, challenges, self-care, goals, relationships, insights and experiences are coaching ingredients. I can help you rediscover and re-energize your authentic self by weaving these into your personal story and choices.



Self-connection comes first. Become more aware of your true feelings, be more present to everyday experiences, honor your body and revive your spirit. Relationships deepen when we are first connected to self. Let your coach help you strengthen your connection to self and others.



Life juggling is a practice. Demands of family, work, self-care, creativity, quiet time and more beg for us to practice mindfully. Coaching guides you to set boundaries, face stress, overcome fears, lower anxiety and turn negative thinking into positive action.



All of these steps fuel forward movement to get to where you want to go. Design what you need to move beyond “stuck” into “soar.”


Contact us for a free introductory conversation. We look forward to talking with you.


Know we are committed to your happiness. You direct forward movement. It’s time to shed old stories and become who you really want to be.


Learn from others sharing their perspectives, try new practices, use some of the tools. It’s all about you.

Sandy is a “coaches” coach. She is masterful at helping clients create a path of possibility that inspires others and gets goals accomplished. Her ability to listen fully is profound and the pizazz and fun she infuses into her coaching and commination keeps clients coming back – again and again.

Colleen FitzgeraldFormer Executive Coach, Marquette University & CEO of Coaching Creates, Milwaukee, WI

Sandy Wright is a marvelous coach and presenter. We have used her services several times for our conferences and workshops. She is a funny, dynamic and insightful facilitator. She leads group discussions with wit and wisdom, giving creative and useful advice on dealing with issues our organizations face today. She is quickly becoming a crowd favorite among the agencies with which we work.

Kim HenryExecutive Director, Sarkeys Foundation

As a coach, Sandy creates a safe environment for people to see themselves, their team and organization more clearly. Through intentional thought, action and behavior changes, clients move to agreed-upon results. Together, client and coach build accountability and support necessary to ensure desired results. She has a unique talent of weaving humor into the mix to address the vagaries of life’s challenges & adventures.

Jo Lynn JonesOklahoma City Ballet, Oklahoma City, OK

Sandy brings an entrepreneurial perspective to her work with individuals and agencies that is unique to the field. She has a way of getting people to think outside-the-box about operating, programming and services. Yet, the result is often a plan of action that is innovative and human-centered. Her warm, creative and personal approach to getting to know and motivate each individual --leadership, staff and board members is never boiler-plate, yet she’s able to draw on decades of her own professional experience to help others navigate change successfully. She’s been a top go-to coach recommendation for many years.

Courtney Latta KnoblockFoundation Officer

I loved working with Sandy. She truly is a partner who has the ability to make you really think about what's going on; not accept the easy way in. She gently nudges and sometimes pushes to get to deeper truths and understanding so that the best work and best you shines through. I highly recommend working with Sandy on any project - personal or professional - to get to get to your best.

Wanda Austin-WingoodTyson Foods

Coaching with Sandy is dynamic! You can always feel that she radiates love and compassion, which gives you as a client and human being a safe harbor while working on solutions or new creative pathways. She is a conscientious listener. Sandy’s emotional intelligence combined with her higher level thinking and street smarts gives her a well rounded real world vantage point from which to approach your goals.

My advice, don’t show up expecting directives from her, instead show up expecting to fill your toolbox with different doorways to self discovery, new approaches to old patterns and current obstacles, and some pretty good reads. Be prepared to discover surprising things that you didn’t notice about yourself before and be prepared to choose action points that work for your time and internal capacity. She won’t tell you what to do, yet she will expect you to make your choices and to show up for the work.
Most importantly though, my experience with Sandy is that the results have both micro and macro impacts: her work with me is also continually expanding in reach and impact as solution- oriented tools for the communities that I engage.

Tareneh ManningClient