I grew up on the Southside of Chicago with a family of entrepreneurs. One of my first mentors was my dad. He owned a gas station on the same corner for 35 years, modeling everyday our yearning to grow and connect. He fulfilled that with grace. Frequently, he reminded me to enjoy every minute of this life journey in spite of, and sometimes because of, obstacles. And, to always look people in the eye and see their goodness.

That motivation took me around the world, exploring the insights and wisdom of women and men who have looked life in the eye. I’ve been a nun, a literary agent, CEO of a national marketing firm, nonprofit executive director, board member, VP of an urban community development, consultant to corporate, small business and nonprofits and a trained coach. My greatest gift along the way has been the human connection and all that I’ve learned from listening to another’s life through their words and spirit.

We all gather stories about ourselves and others. Mine is a story of adventure, exploration, curiosity and intrigue with humans being. Mindfulness puts us in the moment, going within ourselves to find answers that we seek, courage to walk through fears and the tenacity to explore ways we can create a life of peace, joy and satisfaction.


"Enjoy every minute of the journey"

Along the way, I’ve met some incredible humans. Mary who chose to take a Greyhound Bus around the country to see new places rather than stay home and wait for her congestive heart diagnosis to take her. Kurdish Women in Turkey who loudly marched for peace and risked their lives to give their families a chance to thrive. The young woman who left a lucrative career to risk following her heart and her dreams. A CEO who engaged mindfulness practices so he could more present to his employees. And, the list goes on. These are my teachers and inspiration.

Study is important, but practice gives us depth. I’ve been privileged to work with the Center for Authentic Leadership, learning and practicing with colleagues at MentorCoach and the Mindfulness Coaching School. For two years, I traveled the country interviewing women on their experiences of abuse. Now, I’m teaming to create a path to independence and choice for neurodiverse adults. All have deeply impacted my life and work.

Sandy is a “coaches” coach. She is masterful at helping clients create a path of possibility that inspires others and gets goals accomplished. Her ability to listen fully is profound and the pizazz and fun she infuses into her coaching and communication keeps clients coming back – again and again.

Colleen FitzgeraldFormer Executive Coach, Marquette University & CEO of Coaching Creates, Milwaukee, WI

Sandy Wright is a marvelous coach and presenter. We have used her services several times for our conferences and workshops. She is a funny, dynamic and insightful facilitator. She leads group discussions with wit and wisdom, giving creative and useful advice on dealing with issues our organizations face today. She is quickly becoming a crowd favorite among the nonprofits with which we work.

Kim HenryExecutive Director, Sarkeys Foundation

As a coach, Sandy creates a safe environment for people to see themselves, their team and organization more clearly. Through intentional thought, action and behavior changes, clients move to agreed-upon results. Together, client and coach build structures, accountability and support necessary to ensure desired results. She has a unique talent of weaving humor into the mix to address the vagaries of life’s challenges & adventures.

Jo JonesInfant Crisis Services, Oklahoma City, OK