I love working with clients who are open to different approaches, want to experiment with new tools, and desire a growing awareness of themselves and their styles. Everything about career success is predicated on an insatiable curiosity around strengths, habits, insights, communications, and building the leader within. Together, we will become a team ready to reinvigorate purpose, set and reach goals sooner, and experience positive change.I’ve been fortunate to travel the globe, interviewing people whose lives, cultures, and experiences were different than mine. As a lifelong entrepreneur, consultant to corporate and nonprofit leaders, executive director, team builder, and individual coach, I learn every day to actively listen to my clients, stay open, curious, and connected with people who enjoy a mutual exploration of possibilities and positive change. Our coaching partnership will open opportunities for you to both determine and focus on what shifts and goals are important to you. And those changes can and will transform your life and your work. Remember, you are a dynamic catalyst for positive change, and there is no one else with your unique perspective. Sometimes we just need someone to ask the right questions and help surface new solutions and mindsets.I founded a marketing firm, was VP of a $100-million leveraged neighborhood revitalization (not gentrification), built businesses from the ground up, worked with corporate leaders and teams, started nonprofits, became a published writer, and supported organizational transformation. My resume doesn’t reflect a singular path, but a diverse set of experiences that fuels my passion for coaching. I have a Master’s Degree and Professional Coaching Certification from ICF, a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Cognitive Behavior Coaching Certification, as well as a badge from kissing the Blarney Stone.During an interview, someone asked me what was the most important quality for success. I responded “curiosity.”   Even the smartest person, the boss, the team leader, the individual won’t have all the answers, the best ideas, the most effective strategy.  If we are open to exploration, collaboration, active listening, overcoming fears, using our voice, sharing our talents full out, our goals are highly achievable. Coaching can support that journey. And, in the midst of it all, having fun, achieving work/life balance and celebrating success in small steps is the juice.

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Sandy is a “coaches” coach. She is masterful at helping clients create a path of possibility that inspires others and gets goals accomplished. Her ability to listen fully is profound and the pizazz and fun she infuses into her coaching and communication keeps clients coming back – again and again.

Colleen FitzgeraldFormer Executive Coach, Marquette University & CEO of Coaching Creates, Milwaukee, WI

Sandy Wright is a marvelous coach and presenter. We have used her services several times for our conferences and workshops. She is a funny, dynamic and insightful facilitator. She leads group discussions with wit and wisdom, giving creative and useful advice on dealing with issues our organizations face today. She is quickly becoming a crowd favorite among the nonprofits with which we work.

Kim HenryExecutive Director, Sarkeys Foundation

As a coach, Sandy creates a safe environment for people to see themselves, their team and organization more clearly. Through intentional thought, action and behavior changes, clients move to agreed-upon results. Together, client and coach build structures, accountability and support necessary to ensure desired results. She has a unique talent of weaving humor into the mix to address the vagaries of life’s challenges & adventures.

Jo JonesInfant Crisis Services, Oklahoma City, OK