Have you ever contemplated your feet and where they take you?

Twenty years ago, I moved to Arkansas, an uncharted cultural shift for a Chicago woman. I didn’t own hiking boots and had never lived in the woods. Most wild creatures were weekend adventures in nature and now I was walking in their world every day. Fox, possum, armadillos, a snake now and then….and the one being that strikes fear into the hearts of most of us – spiders.

For the first half a year, there were spiders of all shapes, sizes and colors everywhere I turned. Teal blue with yellow legs building their webs over chasms that seemed impossible to bridge. Dark, furry huge spiders that wandered into my birthday celebration, standing out on a white rug and showing no fear of loud music and human chatter. Tiny spiders that turned my arms and legs into a McDonald’s. I now believe they just wanted me to know they were there and I was the visitor.

Nature’s works of art, leapers and risk takers, quiet observers, problem-solvers, creative weavers….I became a student, fascinated with this world that I had swept away with a broom, sprayed, swatted and smashed.

My feet, my booted feet, had delivered me into a new world to learn, observe and be still. Had I seen where I was going, I might have turned my back on it. Spiders, whose 8 eyes sport only a few with good vision, rely on touch, vibration and taste to navigate. They have to be fully present with all senses to maneuver everyday life …and so do we.

Welcome to Spider Lessons…….

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